Michael Jurek
Curated and award winning photographer
I’m based in Hanover, Germany but I spend the most of my spare time on the road and sometimes I even travel to the most remote reaches of the world. Photography has become my favourite passion in the last 15 years and in the meantime my passion has even grown. 
My extensive scope of work includes travel, wildlife, landscape, architecture and I love to create abstract art from all categories of photography. Inspired by the powerful beauty and wonder of the natural world, I try to capture the best places I travel to and the people who make each place uniquely their own. Through my Canon lenses, I try to freeze the moments so that any person who is watching at my pictures becomes a travel companion.
My photography has been curated and featured in several publications such as 1x.com, DigitalPhoto, fotoforum, Stern.de and I had the privilege of being awarded and honoured in several photography contest around the world.
With a vast portfolio in many diverse fields such as landscape, architecture, abstract or black&white, the common theme in every of my artwork is always adventure. The creation of my artwork is motivated by mastery of composition, lighting, perspective and colours. In my work I try to simplify and to get rid of distraction since simplicity is my ultimate satisfaction.

My motto: I don't mean breaking the rules makes sense. I mean that there are basically no rules
My Photography Homebase: https://gallery.1x.com/member/jumick1